IJMEMR Volume 7 Issue 3, September 2019

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Experimental Based Prediction of Shear Strength of Friction Surfaced Tool Steel Deposit by Using Artificial Neural Networks
Author(s) : V. Pitchi Raju | INDURIET, Siddipet
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2. Analysis of Cool Roof Techniques for Energy Saving in Buildings
Author(s) : Shankar Sharma, Deepa Golani | TIET, Jabalpur
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3. Effect of Om Carol on Certain Diseases: A Survey
Author(s) : Mukta Bhatele, Prattyush Singh Solanki | GGITS, Jabalpur
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4. Studying & Designing Cost Effective Smart Farming System Through Open Source Technology: A Survey
Author(s) : Mukta Bhatele, Joy Smith Peter | GGITS, Jabalpur rolex replica
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5. Maintenance of Steam Turbine Power Plant for Improvement of Operation
Author(s) : Arti Dubey, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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6. Power Oscillation Damping by Using SSSC with and Without Pod Controller in Electrical Power Transmission System
Author(s) : Vaishali Pandey, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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